Big Smoke 2016

Started by mrladams615, 09/05/2016 09:17 AM

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Hey all....anyone thinking about attending this year's Big Smoke event in Las Vegas 11/11 to 11/13?  Attended one in the past?  Worth going?  Thanks - Lee


I went last year and will be going again this wife bought me the ticket for our anniversary  :dancing:

I go with my dad and a group of of his friends. You will get your ticket price worth of cigars, food and drink. I ended up with about 40-45 cigars and some swag. Essentially anyone that advertises with Cigar Aficionado. Got to meet Litto Gomez, JD Drew, Sam Leccia, Rocky Patel and the guys from La Palina.

I thought it was a good time but that probably had as much to do with being able to go with my dad as the event itself. We go on Friday night, couple of the guys do the whole weekend so they go to the seminars too. We have matching shirts for our "cigar club". Many groups do this.

My opinion is if you can do it at least once it's worth the experience. I'll be in Vegas Wed-Sun, if you decide to go let me know and we can at least meet up for a cigar.
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