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Started by Brlesq, 11/04/2016 07:26 PM

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I recently asked Rob (sar127) to pick me up a couple of Havana Savers and I would reimburse him.  "Not necessary" he says. "I'll just send them to you."  Little did I know that he had a bigger plan.  Not only did he send the Havana Savers, but also TWO Tatuaje Jasons (my favorite of all the monsters), and three new releases that I have wanted to try:  Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration, HR Claro and Warped Villa Sombra (which I am torching right now!)

Very generous and well planned bomb, brother!  Thank you so much!
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Very nice.I see it must of been a cool nite for a smoke. :-)


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Absolutely! Hope you enjoy!
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Sar is the man, no doubt about that!


Texas hospitality...Geek Style!! Well done Rob!!  :biggrin:  :bigthumbs:
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