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Started by appollo, 02/10/2017 01:29 PM

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Received an order from cigar place this week an one of the 5 paks were wrong,the tag on the pkg.was right but the sticks inside were wrong.I emailed Jessica[she says hi to all the brothers]and in one day it was sorted out and the sticks I wanted were on the way and they threw in the ones they set by mistake.Its like a bomb from cigar place .I was also able to get ANOTHER 5 PAK to tag along with them at no freight charge.
  I find the customer service here  next to none,its beginning to be one of my go to sites as a brother from the GWN. :dancing:


I have always been pleased with their service. They take care of the customer.
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I've been buying from them since I discovered I like cigars...with stories like this, I shall continue to purchase from them... :biggrin:  :bigthumbs:
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Yeah that's great to hear, I've found that good customer service goes a long way in this industry. I think everyone has had a bad experience and it leaves a pretty bad taste in your mouth. I've paid more for sticks from a place I know has good customer service then the alternative. It is good to hear stories like this one :smoker:
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I've been very impressed by their customer service as well. Probably the best in the online cigar industry IMHO.
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