Catch ya'll on Monday... Heading out to Cigarfest!

Started by runewolf, 05/04/2017 08:55 AM

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Well tomorrow early anyway lol.  Busy day at work, so figured I'd get the message in now.  Driving up to a campground tomorrow and going to the free event Friday night.  Rain rain and more rain and cold temps lol.  I'll either come home feeling manly for surviving or come home sick as a dog.  I'll let you know Monday.  Have fun everyone, keep the tobacco dry and the your whiskey neat!



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Enjoy, get there early
What is your entry time?
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QuoteCfickter - 5/4/2017  1:56 PM  Enjoy, get there early What is your entry time?

Unfortunately, I couldn't talk the wife into letting me do the early entry.  But I will be there pretty early to find a parking spot. 

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Enjoy - stay safe - and smoke up the place!!!!
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Lol you guys didn't warn me about all the tailgating.
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Quoterunewolf - 5/6/2017  7:38 AM

Lol you guys didn't warn me about all the tailgating.

SERIOUS Tailgating, especially among the Vets.  Trade them some cigars for a beer. Hope your weather is good.  It was in the low 80's last weekend when we visited the area.
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It was rainy, cold and fun.  I parked right below the main entrance and did not even realize it.  80 some cigars, a humidor, anot ash tray and a decent military style bag. Didn't win anything or get a tee shirt or hate from any vendors. But it was an experience.  The band was good, the food was better. Going to seriously consider it next year.
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