Anyone have any experience using an aeropress?

Started by Vanilla Gorilla, 09/30/2017 04:04 PM

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Vanilla Gorilla

I'm looking into getting one for myself, but haven't heard many reviews. Mind you the ones I have heard have all been great. 

Any geeks used on of these yet? 

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I've got one that I use occasionally at the office when I want a better quality cup than the free rot-gut coffee in the cafeteria.  It's a great tool, but takes a good 5-7 minutes to make a cup with prep, clean up and all.

I found that the inverted method works best. Definitely pre-moisten the filter. I like it strong and time it for 3 minutes

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Looks like a cool coffee gadget.  I have been doing french press for years.  Simple and makes a damn good cup of coffee.  My wife bought me a stainless double wall press last year and love it.  I drink a cup while getting ready for work and take a Yeti full with me, stays warm for hours

All grinders are not created equal.  Tried Cuisinart, and a few cheap ones.  The Cuisinart grinder is expensive and went through 2 in 2 years. Loud enough to wake up everyone in the house.  You do not have to wear ear plugs to use this one and has been a great grinder over 2 years:

The downside of using a french press is when you are away from home and have to buy a cup, you are disappointed.  I usually grind coffee to take with me when out of town.  Hope this helps someone looking to try a good cup of coffee. Beans?  That is a whole other subject!

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QuoteVanilla Gorilla - 9/30/2017  7:04 PM

I'm looking into getting one for myself, but haven't heard many reviews. Mind you the ones I have heard have all been great. 

Any geeks used on of these yet? 

I have 2, one at home, one at work, been using them for ~ 10 years. An Aeropress is the only way that I brew coffee, mainly because they make an excellent cup of coffee every time.

I have had 2 equipment failures over the years, one plunger cracked out the flange, and one chamber cracked out the lock ring area. Both times Aeropress replaced the failed component free of charge.

I do not use the inverted method, I add coffee and hot water, stir, let it steep and drip for 6 minutes, press out the remaining, and repeat until I have brewed the desired volume. I use the paper filters.

I brew into this insulated thermos:

I buy whole beans and grind at home, with this grinder:

These beans:

I use this hot pot:

bon appetit Greg.
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Interesting thread, love coffee thru a French press, but never liked the time it take.  At work we have a Jura that makes a great cup of coffee, fairly quickly
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I love coffee, and use a press, a Kuerig, and a drip, at times. But for me the best cup of coffee comes from a good old fashioned percolator. I've got a nice collection of percolators, and am always looking for good, old functional ones. Old school rules!  :biggrin:
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Vanilla Gorilla

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I had a funny feeling this might be the way to go. My next option would have been french press, but there is something unique about the Aeropress that i just love. Glad to see others feel the same way too!
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Just ran through my first conical burr grinder, this am in fact.  Thing just took a gigantic dump.  So the timing of this thread could not be better.

I am still a huge fan of French Press coffee.  We have a regular Cuisinart coffee maker with a hot water dispenser on the other side.  That makes really hot water and is perfect for French Press.  Fast, easy and efficient (As FP goes).  For my money, a Bodum works just as well and the coffee tastes great.

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