Atlanta Cigar Week

Started by Vroomp, 10/18/2017 04:24 PM

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Yeah~!  You heard right~!  A whole week of events~!



You may notice the previously posted event for JSK Cigars is actually a part of this week-long celebration... (Thanks for the post Kent~!)

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Man I would love to be on vacation for this whole week. I know where I would be :biggrin:
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When ya coming to Texas?  :biggrin:  :shades:
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i have to bring a horn up for repairs. i was hoping he could do it in a day and i could pick it back up and drive home. still no word on that. it would give me something to do if he can. my wife may get stuck doing it though. heat season has kind of started earlier than usual this year. i had four today already.


IF ONLY...........only thing keeping me away, transportation, budget, availability and distance.............other that that - I'm THERE.
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