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Started by junglepete, 11/11/2018 08:07 PM

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Well folks, here we are again ready to organize our Geek Critiques for 2019. A big thanks goes out to all the sponsors for 2018. You all made a great contribution to the site and to your fellow members. Your generosity is by far an amazing part of what makes this site so great!

We are looking for 12 solid sponsors this upcoming year and would like to give everyone the opportunity to become one. In order to get the best out of each sponsorship, we would like to ask for the following criteria:

Sponsor Criteria:

1. Should be quite active on the site with at least one year of regular participation under your belt. *
2. Should be prepared to host the coordinating thread of your sponsorship. **
3. Should be prepared to choose your reviewers, or not. ***
4. Enjoy mailing cigars out early

* Quite active on the site means that you check into the site at least every two or three days.

** Hosting the coordinating thread means communicating with reviewers in the thread, announcing when the cigars have been shipped, checking that the cigars have been received, and posting regular reminders of the due date as it nears.

*** If hand picking reviewers, choose members that are active and/or at least responsibly communicative. If it's a criteria based choice, give some thought as to what criteria you would like posted. Keep solid newbies in the mix. Let the coordinating Administrator know if you prefer to leave the reviewer recruiting up to them. Decide where you will or will not ship too.

So, if you think this is something you would still like to participate in then go ahead and pick a month that suits you. Thanks again to all the previous sponsors!

January - ninfiction (Brian)

February - Cfickter (Chuck)

March - bstessl (Brian)

April - nirab (Brian)

May - 05Venturer (Kent)

June - Vroomp (Brad)

July - McBryde (Emerson)

August - klamm143 (Kevin)

September - appollo (Stephen)

October - Deener27 (David)

November - Beegerply (Byron)

December - junglepete (Pete)
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