"The Christians met on the way many people who were going to their towns, women and men, with a firebrand in the hand, and certain weeds whose smoke they inhale which are dry weeds stuffed into a certain dry leaf in the form of a muset made of paper, like the ones the children make on the day of the Holy Ghost; and burning a part of it, from the other part they suck or absorb or admit the smoke with breathing." -Christopher Columbus, from his Navigation diary

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Oklahoma City

Started by shakinghorizons, 12/12/2018 09:43 AM

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Not sure where else to post this, so move if needed.

Anyone live in OKC or relatively close? I fly in Monday 12/17 and have time that evening to get together.



You are welcome to stop by for dinner and a cigar here at my home in OKC.
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Quotejunglepete - 12/12/2018  3:17 PM

You are welcome to stop by for dinner and a cigar here at my home in OKC.

Very generous offer Pete, PM Sent!  :dancing:


Smoking cigarettes is a habit, smoking a cigar is an event. - Brad Paisley


BOTL's are definitely the most hospitable and generous people, especially this gang here.
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Great seeing this.
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