Anyone seen my $500,000 worth of beer?

Started by mistagordo, 06/12/2007 09:41 AM

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Saw this and thought about how many gars you could smoke with all this beer.  Unfortunately it was only Corona.  That rules me out as a suspect!  :lmao:

$500,000 worth of beer stolen

Mandy Martin
Local News - Monday, June 11, 2007 Updated @ 11:15:04 AM

Half a million dollars in beer is still outstanding after the theft of four tractor trailer units from a Cobourg lot between 3 and 5 p.m. June 9.

The four trailer units contained a total 12,000 cases of Corona and Corona Extra Light beer with an estimated value of $500,000.
Three rigs were quickly found — empty — in Peel Region. However, a fourth tractor trailer is still missing.

Cobourg Police report that other parked trailers had been entered and evidence was at the scene that some other drink product was tampered with.

The investigation is still ongoing with Peel and Cobourg Police Services.


I read the subject and thought you actually meant beer.  Corona is not worth investigating the loss.  Write it off and move on.  :-0

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12,000 cases for $500,000...that's very expensive beer - $41 a case for Corona.  That's an insane amount for a case.  Must have been gold plated bottelcaps.

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Where do you hide tracor trailers?  Do they ship cigar in tracor trailors?  Hmmm... :shy:  :meansmoke:


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