3rd Annual INDY 500 Contest (Official Results)

Started by Deener27, 05/01/2019 11:11 AM

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Congratulations winners and thanks for the contest David!
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Kid Montana

Woohoo!  Thanks for the contest David, I have really started enjoying the Indy 500 tremendously since you started holding these contests.

QuoteDeener27 - 5/27/2019  7:52 AM

Congrats to:

Kid Montana and nathanw13

I will get your prize packages out tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for participating this year.  See you all next year!

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Wow! Congrats Kid Montana and thanks Deener! Great contest!
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Congrats guys....Thanks for the contest!!!
I thought I was wrong once....but I was mistaken....

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Thanks for a great contest and congrats to the winners!!  :biggrin:
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Congrats to the winners - thanks for running the contest David.
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David thanks a lot for hosting this and including me! Congrats all to the winners, I wasn't able to watch the race I was out on my boat but I did check periodically to see the positions, which is more than I've ever done in my life in regards to a car race!



Winnings have been shipped.

Thanks again for a great year.

See you all (hopefully) next year.

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Congrats winners! Thanks for the contest, Dave.


Kid Montana

Wow, great prize David,  thank you!

I'd rather have a cigar...


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A bit late posting up...
Awesome prize for a great event! Thanks again!
Our country has plenty of five-cent cigars, but the trouble is they charge fifteen cents for them.

Will Rogers


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