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Started by arrow34, 09/09/2019 08:51 PM

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Hi all,

Holt's is having a good sale on Alec Bradley magic toast boxes, I was planning on getting a box of toros ($100) and wondering if anyway would like to split the box?  I'm going to keep half, but willing to do a 10 pack or two fives?  Price for the five will be $25 + shipping and of course $50 plus shipping.  Any takers?


You getting toros or gordos?  The price I'm seeing for toros is 94.99 and gordos are 99.99.  Either way, put me down for five, please and thanks.

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tuck0411 - Toros- the price without tax is $94.99 + tax :( = $100 - You are down for a fiver.

They were bought last night anyway.  So I will hopefully get them this week.  I smoked a robusto for the first time last night also and was very impressed.

1 more fiver up for grabs or i will just hold onto them :)


I've had one of them, and have another on hand.  I had a very hard draw, with limited smoke because of it.  I got them from the CoM, and they even noted the tight draw themselves.  I'd love to hear your experience when you smoke more.  The flavors were great--when I could triple-puff hard enough to get smoke.
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I've smoked a number of them and am enjoying one now without experiencing the problems you mentioned. Draw is good, smoke output generous and they are tasty. I bought mine from Holt's.
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I bought robustos and have smoked two, no problems at all.  Good smoke.
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