Land of A Thousand Hills

Started by MacMac, 05/09/2015 09:11 PM

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Hi Coffee lovers,
Check out Land of A Thousand Hills coffee. The work with growers in Rwanda and Haiti to create good gourmet coffee. The work they do in these countries helps the farming communities earn a living...creating jobs and creating great coffee.
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Quotecibolodave - 11/2/2015  11:06 PM

I will check them out

Dave... lurking? Resurrecting old threads?  :biggrin:


Quotemathewalen - 4/27/2020  5:20 PM

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Custom bottled water??  Can you make one that tastes like Pappy Van Winkle?  :confused:

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I love coffee AND I have some ties to Haiti, so I'll definitely check em out!  Thanks for the recommendation!

Here's one in Haiti that I'm very familiar with, if yall are interested...

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