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Started by j04nny8, 05/13/2021 10:52 AM

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Hey guys, I'm an employee of a cigar store in NH with three locations, there is currently one entry several years old for the store and it needs an update.  The three stores are distinct from one another since they're in different traffic points, have different amenities, etc.  So I wanted to reach out and offer some assistance in this area!

I'm relatively new to the site (or... speaking on the site) but I checked and couldn't see buttons that would allow changes to be made to the entries.  If a friendly sysadmin can reach out, we could make some improvements!




Hi, John.

Click on Cigar Places in the right hand column, then click Browse Establishments (top center of page), then drill down in the left column by state.  That brings up all the B&Ms in that state.  Click on the one that you want to update, and then leave a comment to update folks on it.  If you want to add a new location, click Add an Establishment.
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