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Started by Brlesq, 06/25/2021 09:54 PM

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Looks like the BOTS are busy tonight!  

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Hey! How come Habana is written on here with a Sharpie ?!?

A day without whiskey is like . . . just kidding, I have no idea!



BOTS= Brothers Of The Spam  :spamcan:  :spammer:
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"Pump the brakes; you take your shirt off but leave your sunglasses on?" "What sort of backwards !@#$ing pageantry is that?" "You going to fight with those shades or play pokerstars.com?"


QuoteBrlesq - 6/25/2021  9:54 PM

Looks like the BOTS are busy tonight!  

Try getting on in the 'small hours', between 12:00 midnight & 5:00pm, your number looks conservative, lol.

"The older I get the more I realize I cannot please everyone.  However, pissing everyone off is a breeze."

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