Newbie from TX looking for good automatic Humidor

Started by SirChadwick, 12/04/2021 03:35 PM

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Hi Everyone!
I reside in DFW area of Texas and have loved cigars for the past 12-15 years.  I toyed around with the NewAir 840 humidor and while I loved the looks and the size of the unit, I couldn't tolerate the noise (knocking, clanging and running of compressor nearly 24 hours a day) so I returned it.  I'm in the market and would love a wine fridge / humidor dual zoned unit like the Whynter dual purpose unit, however, they stopped making them and I can't find one anywhere.  Do y'all have recommendations on how to find one of the Whynter used units or finding one that actually works as designed that doesn't cost $3,000?
Thanks everyone!


I don't have anything to offer on your quest other than trying your local craigslist, etc.  But welcome aboard Chad!  There is a lot of cigar knowledge around here.
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I have a wineador about that size. I went with the little Hydra humidification unit, as well as some kitty litter in the bottom of it and it does a good job for me.

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Welcome from Michigan,  I would also second Headfirst suggestion, I would check craigslist and facebook mp.  I got my last three humidors off of there.  Each one needed for my expanding collection.  

my last amazing find, had two cigar oasis humidifiers included :)  Hope you can find a gem too... just keep looking.


Welcome from beeuudaful Buda, Texas!  :biggrin:  :bigthumbs:
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Welcome to the group, good luck in your hunt. :biggrin:

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