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Started by jrfoxx, 01/07/2022 01:51 PM

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Not sure who here created the awesome app, so can't message them personally,  so hopefully it will be seen by the right person...

Any chance of an update/bug fix for the android app in the relatively near future?

I know it hasn't really been supported or had an update in years, but hoping one more could be made to fix the remaining bugs, and make it functional on tablets also, as on mine, there is no / in the number pad, so can't enter a date,  which is required, and would love to have it on my tablet instead of my phone

Its a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 from 2016 if that matters...


Best to PM Paul directly. SenorPablo
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Had no clue who had developed it.

Have been using it for about 12 years now and its the best inventory app by far.  Only really has 2 glitches to be fixed hopefully,  otherwise it's perfect

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