April 2022 Member Sponsored Geek Critique

Started by Brlesq, 01/29/2022 12:24 PM

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Quotenirab - 4/3/2022  2:06 PM

well, I am a bit disappointed in the scores, but, that is compared to my experience with this cigar. and that, is the way the cookie crumbles! thanks for letting me sponsor, and thanks to all y'all geeks who submitted their reviews on time!!

From all the reviews I have seen here, and the ones that I have seen online, I need to try this cigar again.

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YES INDEED Duckslayer - it does appear you got the LEMON flavored stick.....get a few for those cold wet days in the blinds!!!!!
Kevin R. Lamm

It is what it is - and these things too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone - but IT WILL PASS.

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