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Started by Blaidd, 01/31/2022 09:41 AM

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Hi there Ladies and Gents,
Firstly, thank you for the add (which is shat I think the youngsters say).  So, at the ripe old age of Over 50 (cough) and having been a fervent non-smoker, it transpires I really enjoy cigars. My grandfather and father smoked them occasionally as well as an aromatic best shag in the pipe, and I always enjoyed the aroma.  Just as my taste buds discovered whisky a few years now with cigars.
I am truly looking forward to learning...oh and the smokes.


Welcome to the group from Wisconsin and enjoy the new discovery.  :thumbsup:
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Glad to have you join us!
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Hey! How come Habana is written on here with a Sharpie ?!?

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Welcome!  So, like the Wales of the UK?  You're probably the first Welsh person to join.  Folks here tend towards powerhouse boutique cigars, much like the hard core whisky fiends are always searching an elusive barrel strength dram.

I'd rather have a cigar...


Welcome, from one Gary to another!  Similar to you I didn't drink until about 30 or smoke until about 40.  Better late than never! :thumbsup:
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Welcome from Illinois enjoy the site  :biggrin:

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Welcome from Michigan.  Hope you are able to learn a fair amount here.


Welcome to the site. :-)


:welcome: to the site~!  Plenty to learn here and some great trades and sales as well~~!
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Welcome from beeuudaful Buda, Texas!  :biggrin:  :bigthumbs:
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Welcome to the site. Enjoy!!
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Nothing wrong with being over 50.
Welcome to the site.
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WELCOME.....from North Carolina.
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Welcome to the group!
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Welcome and enjoy the site :thumbsup:
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Welcome aboard from Arkansas!

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