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Started by Puck, 02/01/2022 10:02 PM

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I am trying to get back into cigars. Haven't had one in ten years or so. Should I build and establish a coolador type rig before getting first stogie? Also where does everyone purchase from online? I was hoping to see a site with like a cutter lighter and few stick package but didn't really see much.
Thanks in advance!


Welcome from Illinois, I use CIGAR PAGE most of the time, I like them because they don't carge shipping and prices are good.

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Welcome!  Cigar page is a good site.  I also watch cigar monster and cigar king deals.
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Welcome aboard. Another vote for Cigar Page. I also keep an eye on Cigar Monster and plenty of others. Subscribe to some of these outlets and receive emails about their sales.
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Welcome to the site I mostly use plastic container that seal tight.Yea Cigar page works good.


Welcome to the site Ryan! If you don't what you are looking for from an online retailer, I am more than happy to help you out!

If you are looking to purchase from a retailer, a member here named Brian (nirab) owns a shop if you want to give him a call -
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Glad to have you join us!
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Welcome from NW Sconnie.  
I would suggest hitting up your local B&M and trying out a few different sticks.
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WELCOME.....from North Carolina.
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Welcome to the group! You are in PA most of the major online retailers are there, Famous, CI, etc... but if you have a local shop please consider giving them the business. Don't overthink your storage at this point, a cooler with a few Boveda packs will get you by just fine or for a smaller amount a Tupperware/Ziplock container with a Boveda and you are good to go.
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Welcome from beeuudaful Buda, Texas!  :biggrin:  :bigthumbs:

I run The Cigar Vault in Buda, and offer CG members some great pricing. Give me a call at the shop! And what was already your local shops...we need more shops, not less!!  :bigthumbs:

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Looks like the other guys have you covered. Definitely agree with using some kind of tupperware that seals well and toss a Boveda in. I would go with a 65% Boveda, they hold really well in plastic containers.
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Welcome and enjoy the site! Small Batch Cigars is my "go-to" cigar site, all good ones mentioned above as well :smoker:
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Welcome to the site. That small tupperdore will soon overflow! I like famous, only because they carry a few cigars that I like in certain sizes, only sold with them. I like supporting local though mostly!

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Welcome to the site.  10 years.  I hope you kept the cigars you had well hydrated.
 :welcome:  :-)
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