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Started by headfirst, 01/17/2023 06:45 PM

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CigarKing occasionally does 15% off of everything on their site and I took advantage of that to nab a deal on an AF/Opus sampler which was supposed to have one Opus and 4 more unusual lower end AF sticks.  Somehow I ended up with 2 Opus sticks!  And three nice AF sticks (Untold Story, 858 Rosado, and Don Carlos double robusto) I'm looking forward to trying as well.  This was $64 before tax after the discount!  Pic is below.

I also decided to try out a couple of their Davidoff Secret Motherlode samplers.  I was always curious how good a deal these secret samplers are.  For about $100 before tax each here's what came in the regular Davidoff motherlode sampler and in the Davidoff Winston Churchill motherlode sampler.  I feel like it was a pretty good deal (average stick price around $15).  Now the geeks have an idea what's in these if you've ever been tempted to pull the trigger but were afraid to see if they tried to throw Griffins or something in there.   :lmao:
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Thanks for the pics, Gary. Always wondered if those secret lodes were worth it or not
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Good thing to know was wondering myself
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I enjoy a good mystery in a book or movie but not in a cigar purchase. This gives us a clue as to what we might receive.
Helpful post, Gary.


Now I know.Thanks Gary this might lead us into more temptation LOL and I know I didn't need that

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