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Started by Murphy223, 03/26/2023 10:52 AM

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My wife has a convention at Disney this week and I was doing a little recon.  I see Sosa family cigars at Disney Springs closed permanently in January. While not great, It was always a viable option to stop and enjoy a smoke and get away from the family (I mean crowds) for a bit.   Not looking to smoke on property while at the resorts but since I'll be working remotely, I figured I'd find a local lounge

Anyone have some places to recommend nearby?


This has always been my go to down there - Corona Cigar Company.  Hopefully still there:;area=shopform;shop_id=64
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Went to Disney World back in February for a family vacation.  Our resort had a nice little area that allowed smoking; though I was to exhausted at the end of each day for me to sit out and smoke a cigar. 
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