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Started by Nikon_Assasin, 06/27/2023 10:33 AM

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Hey folks, I'm new to the site from DC but spend part of my week in PA for the job. Work in the cigar industry and have been smoking cigars since '99.

My current favorites are - Artesano del Tobacco El Pulpo, Partagas de Bronce, Foundation Olmec, West Tampa Red, Viaje Hamaki


Welcome aboard. Nikon? Are you a photographer?
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Welcome from the Midwest, enjoy the site. What is your job in the cigar industry?  :biggrin: 

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Quote from: Beegerply on 06/27/2023 11:43 AMWelcome from the Midwest, enjoy the site. What is your job in the cigar industry?  :biggrin: 



Welcome :welcome: enjoy to the site! I smoked for many years before I found this site as well, lots of knowledge here!
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Hi and welcome! Glad to have you on the site!

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Welcome to the site fron the GWN


Welcome from Pittsburgh
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Welcome from 'Bama! Glad to have you.
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     Welcome to CG.
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I've got an old F3 HP that I'll shoot b&w on, been a while but it was always relaxing going out and shooting 3-4 rolls of film and hoping for 1 or 2 really good shots.
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