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Started by Unco-B, 07/25/2023 10:48 AM

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Brendan here. Jazzed about joining this community.

I started smoking cigars about 30 years ago, but really couldn't support the hobby with a large family to feed, so I had to give it up as regular thing and relegate my enjoyment to the occasional stick. But now that I'm sending my last one off to college, I finally have some extra money and decided to finally get back into the hobby.

I'm no connoisseur, but I do know what I like and I realize that there's so much more I could discover. So, I joined this community in hopes of widening my horizons. Having read through some of the forums already, I'm excited to find some gems and meeting fellow geeks!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the site.Great bunch here that will help you get rid of that extra cash  :lmao:


Welcome from Moline ILL, enjoy the site. :biggrin:

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Welcome from Houston TX! It's great to have you! Enjoy!
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Welcome to the site Brendan.


Glad to have you join us!
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Hey! How come Habana is written on here with a Sharpie ?!?

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Welcome aboard, Brendan.
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Welcome and enjoy! :welcome:
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Welcome to CG from NW Wisconsin
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Wow! What a welcome! Thanks everyone!

As I write this, I'm smoking a Plasencia Reserva Original accompanied by a shot of Xicote Reposado Tequila (def. a sipper) and eating spicy Chinese peanuts what a combo! Looking forward to participating in the discussions!


Welcome to the group!
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