Rest in Peace - Brad Longanecker (Vroomp)

Started by nwb, 09/02/2023 11:04 AM

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After trying to reach out to Brad a couple of times over the past few weeks, I received a text from his daughter on Thursday.  He passed on August 5th.

I passed on our condolences.  Rest in peace Brad.

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So sad. We've lost an outstanding Geek.
RIP, Brad.
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Sad news indeed.  Thanks for letting us know.  He will be missed.

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Rest in Peace, my Brother.  You will be missed.
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Extremely sad...I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but he participated in all of my passes, and turned me onto some of my favorite cigars I keep stocked in my humidor now. We definitely lost an amazing geek! RIP brother
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Rest in peace Brad.  He was an outstanding brother and I know no one could argue that.  Will certainly be missed.
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Damn, that really sucks. He was a great guy and will definitely me missed. Rest easy brother.
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     Lost a great guy. Really going to miss him. Very sad.
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RIP brother ,you will be missed 


Praying for Brad and his Family. may he RIP. One of the best geeks.


Brad was truly one-of-a-kind.  Generous to a fault.  He will surely be missed by all of us.
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Sorry to hear this. I wish I had had a chance to get to know him. My condolences. 
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Brad was a hell of a great BOTL! We will be hard pressed to find a more generous Geek Brethren! You will be missed brother!

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Happy Continuation my brother...grateful for your friendship...
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Sorry to hear this.  Met Brad twice.  Great guy


RIP brother.   The cigar community lost an amazing individual.   I'm truly sadden to read this and my condolences to his family.   


XIPHOS !  RIP Brad.  I met him in Costa Rica
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Thats bad news, He was a good dude.
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This is really sad.  Never met Brad but had some dealings and interaction with him here on the site. Thinking of his family


That's very sad news to hear. 

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That's sad to hear.  Brad was a valued member of this forum.  He'll be missed. 
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Apologies if my original message seemed short. Brad and I spent a good bit of time together. We attended a lot of the same cigar events, I met his family, and he was all around a great guy. Even though he and I didn't see a lot of each other in the past few years since I moved further out of town, this news was tough. He will definitely be missed!
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So sad to hear.

Will be firing up a Xiphos cigar in his honor.

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