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Started by sweatsock, 03/04/2024 02:32 PM

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Oh *OH* OOH It's magic, you know? __**3,000**__ inhabitants of CP Discordia. **Here's __$30__ off $120+ for everyone.**

But here's the deal, It expires at midnight. That's right. Use it or lose it, bub. @everyone

Spend $120 or more, save $30 when you use the code.

__Use COUPON CODE:__ **CPDISC3K** at checkout.

*One time use only. Does not apply to prior purchases. Cannot be combined with other coupon codes.*



I tried it. Not a valid code. Tried three times.
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It had a cap of 3000 uses. I was able to use it. I signed up for Discord and don't use it unless I get an email from someone in discord.     


Cigar page discount code! Can anyone tell me the code about this because I don't know. :biggrin:

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