Mini-Herf and BBQ

Started by SenorPablo, 06/10/2007 04:46 PM

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Since there have been no posts on this forum yet, I thought i'd share an "event" - a mini-herf of sorts.  Kind of a last minute thing where we all piled into a car and headed to a buddies house (Ted on this forum - tnt956) for some grillin and cigars with a bottle of tawny port.  Good company, good food, and good cigars and drinks.  Crazy kids running around.  Fresh Tuna from Bob!  Dusk rolled around and the guys hung together for a good smoke of some fine cigars.  I had a CAO Mx2 Toro, which was a bit pricey but only still a decent smoke - see the review.  Ted raved about his (claimed it was 5 stars) so we should see his review soon.  May have talked Bob into joining the site and putting up a review as well.  It might have been thrown together quickly but it came together great.  Definitely need to do it again soon!

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Sounds like a good time!  Nothing better than hanging with the homies.  We had something similar.  It involved bikes a camp ground and NO kids!  It wasn't exactly a kid friendly party if you know what I mean.  :-0

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It was a great time!  It's always nice just to hang out in a relaxing atmosphere with a good cigar and good friends!

I'm still recovering from tawny port (since I don't drink liquor that often!) and a 7:00am tee time the next day at a course that was 45 minutes away!  Needless to say my game was not very good.

I had the Romeo Y Julieta Romeo y Julieta Reserve Maduro Churchill and it was excellent!  Bob had the Montecristo Double Corona and was very happy with it.

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