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Started by FijiJDM, 08/06/2010 05:43 PM

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ok ive never been to any cigar events but i read somewhere that they often have free sample of whatever cigars they are promoting. Is that true? there is a rocky patel event at a shop near me and was wondering if it was worth checking out( 45 min drive).


wrong forum... wow im so that new guy.  :-(


It's cool dude. As for the freebies, it depends if they advertise it on the event banner. From my personal experience, they usually offer good box discounts and such when they do cigar events but only a few will actually put up freebies without a purchase or a ticket. If you are still unsure, just call the shop where the event will be inquire about the details and if there are any freebies. Hope that helps.


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Welcome to CG though JD!  Glad to have you here!
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