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Started by Turboknat, 02/20/2008 05:19 PM

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What a fun night!  The Tinder Box and Playboy had a great event at the Sunset Club in Charlotte, NC last night, to premier their line of cigars.  They gave to each person a Playboy Churchill, and a Robusto to try, and of course had more for sale if you wanted.  So, it was great spending time with some friends both from the site here, Doug, and some others that I have met at the smoking lounge at the Tinder Box in town.  But as an added feature, as I see has already been posted, Tiffany Selby, Miss July 2007 for Playboy was there to meet and greet, and for photo ops.  I see Elmo has posted one of him with her already, and as soon as I download the shots from my camera, I will post mine with her, as well as some shots from the nights festivities.  Now, do not be confused.  These are not the "Playboy by Don Diego" cigars, that is a different line.  I think the ones in our database are listed as Playboy only, and that needs to be corrected.  The new line is by Alteidis, and is just called Playboy.  I know Doug has entered the two from last night into the database for approval, and as soon as they are entered, I will post my reviews, as well as the other guys who were there.  

Paul, thanks so much for the calling cards you sent.  They got here just in time yesterday, and I was able to take them to the event and pass some out.  I will see if the Tinderbox I go to will post it, too. :thumbsup:


Yes, it was fun. I hope that everyone gets to attend an event like this. Thet told me that they will be going around the country to promote this new Playboy cigar so keep your eyes open in your area.


Sounds like a great time even if you weren't a fan of the cigar.

I moved the old Playboy cigars to Play by Don Diego and added the new ones from Doug as Playboy by Altadis.

Glad you got the cards in time.  We'll see if we get any newcomers from it.

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Well, its not that I wasn't a fan, per se.  It had good flavors.  It was just very mild, too mild for what I generally like.  I don't know if they needed to age it more, or what.  I wonder if a maduro, or some other version of it would bring on a little more body.  I would definate smoke more, I just don't think I would pay over 3 dollars for one.  And they go for over 8 dollars.  I think that is my thing, for that amount of money, it had better bring on the flavors AND body.


all I know is Tiffany is lookin pretty good  ;-)
Lets GOOOOOOOO Mountaineers!


Just uploaded some pics from the event.

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