"A fine cigar is like a fine woman. They come in all shapes and sizes. Treat them tenderly and lovingly. Caress their skin, admire their beauty, fondle them with reverence. Bring them slowly to your lips, enjoy their flavor, their aroma. Contemplate their essence, their dependability, and forgive them their weaknesses - if there be any. Revel in the rituals, their simplicity and their enduring meanings. Do these things, my son, and the blessings of life shall always be upon you." -Prince Sined Yar Maharg

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Rating Comment Type From Detail Date Report
positiveGreat participation in the 2016 Camacho Liberty Distribution (Box Split).Buyer wescatView Detail08/13/2017 05:08 AMReport
positivePass Plus OnePass Member JackalView Detail12/22/2011 10:50 AMReport
positiveGeek Critique reviewer for September 2011.Geek Critique Reviewer wescatView Detail09/05/2011 04:47 PMReport
positiveTop Shelf PassPass Member JackalView Detail08/15/2011 06:18 PMReport
positiveThanks for the sticks!Bomber NES TekView Detail07/18/2011 06:33 PMReport
positiveUnlimited Pass: Part Deux Round 3Pass Member NES TekView Detail07/18/2011 06:32 PMReport
positiveUnlimited Pass: Part Deux Round 2Pass Member NES TekView Detail07/18/2011 06:32 PMReport
positiveUnlimited Pass: Part Deux Round 1Pass Member NES TekView Detail07/18/2011 06:32 PMReport
positiveDave got some Camacho Liberty's from me.Buyer wescatView Detail06/24/2011 11:09 AMReport
positiveSent me a little BombBomber gitfiddlView Detail02/25/2011 05:23 PMReport
positiveGreat box splitter!!Box Splitter mountedshrinerView Detail02/15/2011 08:15 AMReport
positiveOddballs 2Pass Member JackalView Detail01/13/2011 10:41 AMReport
positiveMaduro Madness PassPass Member ShukpawView Detail01/04/2011 02:07 AMReport
positiveSent me a very nice bombBomber gitfiddlView Detail12/16/2010 04:44 PMReport
positiveDave took part of the 2009 Camacho Liberty Box SplitBuyer wescatView Detail11/19/2010 11:29 AMReport
positiveAwesome Bomber and Great BOTL!Bomber nwbView Detail11/11/2010 09:03 PMReport
positiveThe ATF/M Combo Real-man ContestContest Sponsor kolaView Detail09/26/2010 04:06 PMReport
positiveSent me a generous BOMB on my birthdayBomber cmmayoView Detail09/25/2010 11:33 PMReport
positiveFun contest and a great prizeContest Sponsor Hot Stuff xView Detail09/10/2010 09:19 AMReport

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